Professional Membership
Supporting  Donation
Sustaining Donation
This level of donation supports the organization in its annual efforts to educate the community about Oriental Medicine and it's benefits. It also helps to guarantee our member benefits of continuing education and the annual meeting, allowing us to be a cohesive group.
This level of donating goes beyond the every day and allows the organization to plan and fund ongoing efforts at the statehouse, find great continuing education presenters and more.

VTAA Membership

If you are currently member, congratulations - this is a reminder of why you joined.

If you are not a current member, why wait?

Get involved now and enjoy these many VTAA Membership Benefits:



- Low Cost: $100 annually for Professional Membership, $200 for Supporting Donation Level and $300 for Sustaining Donation Level


- Web Site Listing: We have a new website which includes a fresh look, and many exciting updates with both alphabetical and google map practitioner listings


- Discounts on CEU events including some other reciprocal state associations


- Free Grandround CEUs: Grandrounds are excellent opportunities to meet your local colleagues, and    learn what other local clinicians in the community are doing. It's not only practical , it's fun!


- Free Lunch at the Annual General Meeting, always held in a lovely spot


- 15% Discount for your first order as a VTAA member to Mayway Herbs


- 5% Discount at LhasaOMS


- 5% Discount for all orders placed with Redwing Books


- Meet fellow practitioners: We are a wonderful and diverse group that shares a common passion.


- Yahoo email discussion group: An excellent forum for all sorts of clinical & non-clinical discussion  and sharing. If you are a member and have not joined the group, contact Diana Vachon at to sign up.


Acting with respect is fundamental to our strength as an organization.

The VTAA chat groups are expected to provide a welcoming and safe place for members to have discussions with other members. The chat groups are a privilege of membership.

We expect all conversations to be respectful and civil. There is no place for rudeness, intimidation, hostility, or bullying. Should other members feel that any of the above are occurring in an email then they should either speak up via email to the group or to the board of directors. If 3 different people (one of whom can be a board member) feel that an email is lacking in respect, or is rude, intimidating, hostile or of a bullying nature than a warning will be sent to the member involved. If there is a second occurrence the person who's email has been deemed inappropriate can be removed from the VTAA group email list for a period of one year. If the inappropriate behavior is from someone whose membership has lapsed they can be removed immediately.

We request that if you are going to send a survey to the membership that it be screened by a board member first. This is a request, not a requirement. If a survey has not been approved by the board it should be clear that it is not a VTAA survey.

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