Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dry Needling?

     The VTAA Board of Directors has created a position paper on Dry Needling... more


Will acupuncture hurt?

     Needle fear is very real. However, acupuncture is unlike receiving an injection, where the pain is from a hollow needle forcing medication into tissues. Acupuncture needles are the diameter of a human hair and usually enter the skin without discomfort. When the needle is in place, you may experience sensations of heaviness or warmth. Most people find acupuncture treatments very relaxing.


Do you re-use your needles?

     Only disposable needles are used. They are made of sterilized stainless steel and are individually wrapped and then disposed of in a biohazard container.


What should I expect?

     Each treatment generally runs for one hour and  the course of the treatments depends on the nature of your illness and how long it has taken to develop. Many conditions can be alleviated very quckly with acupuncture and herbs.  However, some chronic illnesses may take longer to be resolved. You will be encouraged to be an active participant in your healing process, as attitude, diet , and  lifestyle can affect the outcomes of the treatment.


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